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Between The Lines: Andreina Cordani

Stupid lockdown means no book launch parties, so what’s an author to do when her debut novel is published? A happy dance and a day on Ins
 You can say if it was, like, last month upon discovering a packet of Monster Munch at the back of the cupboard Oh don’t – I have a self-destructive relationship with pickled onion Monster Munch, I can’t have them in the house without eating them all and hating myself afterwards. That’s mad, I must be psychic. It’s a weird time to be publishing your first book – no launch party, no book signings. What are you doing instead? I’m taking over the @atombooks Instagram stories on launch day (14 Jan) and answering reader questions. There might be a bit of a drink and a happy dance involved, too. Ask your husband to describe you in five words I just asked him and he spluttered helplessly then said, “um… sneezy would be one of them?” And that’s all I got. He’s right though, I’m allergic to everything. What’s your favourite smell? Pizza. Proper pizza not Domino’s. God no, Domino's is vom. What’s next? Are you already writing a follow-up? Already wrote it during 2020 in between current affairs dramas and child-related disturbances. It’s pretty raw though – I’m nervously waiting for my editor’s feedback. Go and open a packet of Monster Munch, calm yourself down. Good idea… The Girl Who (£7.99, Atom) is out now. Follow the lovely Andreina (not literally, on Instagram) @andreinacordani Click here to buy online or pop to your local bookshop when it opens again for a hard copy. They'll be delighted to have your business and no mistake. #thegirlwho #andreinacordani #yafiction #debutnovel #debutauthor #publishing #atombooks #yabooks...

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