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I'm Juliette, a writer who's just moved back to my beloved East Sussex via France and Peterborough, as you do. 

I'm the Town Crier for Bexhill (no lie) if you can imagine such a hilarious thing. I became Town Crier by accident. According to my mum I've not been right since I rolled off the bed as a baby and landed on the floor. What can you do?

Collecting '40s and '50s fashion is my deal and I love the Victorian period, too. When I'm not watching F1 you'll find me swimming in the sea even when it's freezing and wishing
I was
 married to Chris Hemsworth and living on a smallholding in Montana.

I'm low maintenance: I dye my own hair, paint my own nails and have never even had a facial, never mind Botox. I don't use filters on my photos; I have lines, I would look like Gandalf if I didn't dye my hair and I usually look knackered. In other words, I'm real. My reviews are real, too - I don't get paid to advertise or recommend brands, I just enjoy writing about ethical skincare.


If you like what you read and you're feeling flush, a small donation would be much appreciated so I can buy some sweets.

Get in touch through the nifty contact box below.

Juliette x

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