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I'm Juliette, a writer who's just moved back to my beloved East Sussex via France and Peterborough, as you do. We're renovating a problematic flat right on Bexhill seafront on a budget tighter than Katie Price's face, so I spend most of my time breathing in plaster dust and tripping over boxes.

I run my own little creative agency offering website design, content, social media strategy and all that business at Two Magpies Media


Several auto-immune diseases, a French husband (Gautier) and a crazy cat (Squeaky) rule my life. We don't have kids, but I have a lot of teddies whom I treat like kids which I know isn't normal. According to my mum I've not been right since I rolled off the bed as a baby and landed on the floor. What can you do?

Collecting '40s and '50s fashion is my deal, along with

watching sport, feeding swans, swimming in the sea even when it's freezing and wishing I was married to Chris Hemsworth and living on a smallholding in Montana.

I'm low maintenance: I dye my own hair, paint my own nails and have never even had a facial, never mind Botox. I don't use filters on my photos; I have lines, I would look like Gandalf if I didn't dye my hair and I usually look knackered. In other words, I'm real, baby!


If you like what you read and you're feeling flush, a small donation would be much appreciated so I can buy some sweets.

Get in touch through the nifty contact box below.

Juliette x

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