I'm Juliette, a 40-something writer living in on the river in Cambridgeshire (but not in Cambridge, I'm not a millionaire).

I currently write health features for The Telegraph and was once

a football columnist for The Guardian. I've written about fashion, beauty, business, gardening, property, interiors, music, film, drones and Formula One - quite the mixed bag.


Several auto-immune diseases, a French husband (Gautier) and a crazy cat (Squeaky) rule my life. We don't have kids, but I have a lot of teddies whom I treat like kids which I know isn't normal. According to my mum I've not been right since I rolled off the bed as a baby and landed on the floor. What can you do?

Collecting 1950s fashion is my deal, along with watching sport, feeding swans and ducks at the end of our garden, knocking back cocktails and wishing I was married to Jason Bateman and living on a smallholding in Malibu with goats, weasels, monkeys and donkeys. I have horrendous nightmares every night so always wake up traumatised, which is nice.

I'm low maintenance: I dye my own hair, paint my own nails and have never had Botox or even a facial BUT I'd love to get my eyelids sorted out because those dudes are getting droopy. 


Tell me about the books you love, the beauty products you rate or the cakes you've baked by commenting on the posts or sending an email. If you like what you read and you're feeling flush, a small donation would be much appreciated so I can

buy some sweets.

Juliette x

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