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Feeling Fruity

If you've never heard of liposomes, I'm about to tell you the difference they make to your skin

Back in February I was browsing on Dermoi, a wonderful website that's packed FULL of science-backed beauty products when I stumbled across Altrient. I started taking a sachet of Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C every morning. I know you're thinking: What now? If you don't know what a liposome is, time to listen up.

Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C is a high strength liposomal supplement which uses liposomal encapsulation technology to deliver 1000mg of vitamin C into the bloodstream. This maximises absorption, unlike traditional supplements. Sounds mad, because it is. INTO THE BLOODSTREAM! True story.

The science behind Altrient says it will boost collagen production and immune function while supporting blood vessels, the nervous system, iron absorption, and energy-yielding metabolism. It is clinically proven to improve skin elasticity and provides intense protection against environmental oxidative stress and premature ageing. I don't know about you, but I'm resigned to the fact that I'm getting older and my skin is definitely looking a lot less fancy than it did even in my early forties. Sometimes I wake up and look in the mirror and get a proper fright because staring back at me is no longer the fresh-faced bit of hot stuff I was, with plump, clear skin and eyes brighter than a famous rabbit's. No, staring back at me on a bad day is Zelda from Terrahawks - look her up, I won't frighten you by posting a pic on here.

I turn 50 in July and on a good day I can pass for 42 (I'm not just saying that, it's because when I tell people I've just met that I'm almost 50 they spit out their coffee and say, 'What?! I had you down at 42, if that!') They're not even being kind, I don't always look my age and I used to get asked for ID in the supermarket when buying gin even when I was 38. God, I miss THOSE days. It helps that I dress like a 12 year-old (and generally act like one, too). But I know the hard truth - menopause is just about upon me and I need help. I can't afford/don't want Botox and definitely don't want fillers even if I could afford to. This magic is £36.55 for a month's supply so it won't break the bank. Keen to have a go of anything that might help, I started on Altrient and within 10 days, I could see a big difference. No longer did Zelda stare back at me from the mirror. OK, so I didn't suddenly look like Eva Mendes either, but I did look better. My skin looked less - dare I say it - baggy. I said it. It looked less crepey, and my eyes looked like I'd just put drops in them. Everything about my face said 'I've just had a really expensive facial!' So why Vitamin C? It's an essential nutrient for the maintenance of collagen production. It also helps the immune system protect against premature ageing. However, vitamin C doesn't absorb too well in the gastrointestinal tract - especially in mine, since I'm missing my entire colon. This means that with most vitamin C supplements, very little of it actually reaches your blood stream, let alone the cells where it is needed to take you out of the Zelda zone.

Altrient utilises liposomal encapsulation technology. This technology wraps the vitamin C in a protective lipid sphere (I told you it was mad) which means that it allows for effective absorption. Bingo! I've been taking it for two months now and I'm pretty sure that if I stop taking it, I'll not be the only one that notices. I expect you're waiting for that before/after pics but in all honesty, the effect is hard to capture because it's not like having Botox or fillers; it's subtle, but it's there. Here's a photo of my face midway through treatment. Terrible light, taken on my ancient phone, but aside from on my eyes I'm not wearing any make-up and obviously I'm not using a filter.

I don't have blemishes (they're freckles) and as if my magic, my eyes allude to me having had a good eight hours sleep - I never do, I'm lucky if I get six and that's not really sleep as it's punctuated by horrific nightmares and my husband's snoring. I'm also on a tonne of medication for arthritis/bowel disease/anxiety stuff so all things considered, I don't look too shabby for 49 summers. Imagine how good you could look on this stuff if you're healthy and actually have nice dreams about kittens and suchlike!

So there you go. Dermoi stock a multitude of skin savers and one day, I may well try something else. They even offer the innovative concept of 'home facials', so if you're feeling flush (of skin and of pocket), give one of those a whirl. One sachet a day in a little water (the texture is like frog's spawn but don't let that put you off) on an empty stomach and within a few days you'll notice the difference. Unless, of course, you smoke 30 a day and drink a bottle of wine every night, in which case forget it, you're on your own.

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